Your 3 Month Old Baby:
Infant Development (Weeks 9 - 12)

The pace of your infant development starts to accelerate. Your baby is now growing - fast! From weeks 9 - 12, you will notice a lot of new things in your baby's behavior.

Your relatives and friends who said the baby looked like you at the time of birth may now start staying that the baby is a "passport sized copy" of your spouse, or vice versa. If the little one has older siblings, many will tell you that the little nose is just like his elder sister or the hair look like the big bro. (Click here if you are going through a bad phase of sibling rivalry: Learn how to help your older child adjust with the new baby)

Babies keep on changing their features (though the basics remain the same) and this is sometimes very exciting. Every new friend who sees your little munchkin resembles him with someone you never knew could resemble your baby. It's funny how people imagine and link, sometimes.

Note the following milestones in infant development from weeks 9 to 12:

Week 9

In week # 9 observe the following baby development milestones:

  1. Gaining 1 kg per week: Your baby may now start to grow fast. On average, babies gain around 1 kilogram (around 2.2 pounds) per week from this stage onwards.
  2. Eye-hand coordination: The little one would now be able to observe his hands. He would try to move his fingers, and flap his arms and his eyes might follow the movement. The eye movement will start to get more coordinated.
  3. Vision improves: His vision might also improve and he might stare at a toy or a person at a distance, almost 20 cm away.
  4. Like a pro: You may find yourself becoming an expert in breastfeeding, nappy changing and giving baby a nice bath. If you still feel you have problems in any of these departments, you can have a look at the respective sections at this website. Another good example is to talk to people who have been through this. If you still have some questions in your mind, don't keep them in. Get your personalized answers by posting your questions at Ask a Question section  - You will get a quick reply, guaranteed!
  5. Be creative: You can make your own baby-rattles by putting colorful papers or beads in transparent empty bottles (make sure they do not have any pointed part and their lid is tight, I would suggest a masking tape or environment friendly glue to secure it). See the full baby rattle tutorial with pictures here. At this age, your baby does not care if the rattle he is holding you is homemade or worth a fortune. In fact, studies show that babies tend to be more fascinated towards things that are not easily available to them - household things like keys, TV remote, empty box of toothpaste, etc.
  6. Reduce cost: Just like homemade baby rattles, your little one would not care if he is wearing any hand-me-down clothes of an elder brother, sister or cousin. You can also make a pillowcase dress for your baby, or make your babywipes at home - whatever your creativity suggests! Also, you may not want to go for expensive branded baby oils – natural coconut or olive oils work perfectly fine. This way you can reduce cost without compromising on anything. And nothing can beat the goodness of natural products.

Week 10

In the middle of second week, observe the following points in your infant development cycle:

  1. Arm and leg movements: Your baby’s arm and leg movements are now properly directed – circular and planned, no more sudden jerks for the little one.
  2. Let him stretch: Often, take him out of his crib and give him room to stretch. You can put a soft blanket on floor or carpet and put your baby on it. Let your little one move the way he wants to. If he is on belly, he would try hard to keep his head straight in the air for as long as he can. Let him do this, it will help in muscle development, as well as tire him up for a sound sleep.
  3. Massages are so underrated:  If you don't already do so, massage your baby as this will allow his arms and legs to stretch even better. Your baby's body massage will improve the blood circulation in different parts of his tiny body.

Week 11

In week # 11 of infant development, observe the following points:

  1. Improved hearing: By the end of the second month, you will observe that your baby’s hearing is improving and he is paying attention to your words and sentences. Try reading to him as much as you can. A big colorful book will not only help you read from but will also let your child look at the colorful images and enjoy. Do not read in monotone; exhibit excitement and change in voice. Your child will love your lullabies at this stage.
  2. Arrange a nanny: If you plan to resume work and haven’t finalized a nursery or a nanny for your baby yet, then hurry up! Also, if your haven't babyproofed the nursery yet, these are the 5 areas you should start with.

Week 12

The last week of the third month has arrived! On week 12, observe the following infant development milestones that your bundle of joy may achieve this week:

  1. Finger movements are refining: Her finger movements are refining with each passing day. She can hold both of her hands together and stare for a long time. She could also try moving her fingers and stare at them. She is exploring herself as well!
  2. Circumcision decision: If you have a baby boy, will you go for circumcision? Read our article on circumcision to help you know the pros and conns and help you with the big decision. Also, take part in our circumcision poll and vote if you are in favor or this practice or are against it. Then see what other parents have voted.

Your baby is now 3 months old! How awesome is that! He is happily moving forward achieving the infant development milestones one by one. Our highly informative sections on Newborn Baby Care and Baby Health are just for you, to be with you and your baby.

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