4 Months Old:
Newborn Growth and Development (Weeks 13 - 16)

The 4th month of newborn growth and development kicks off! In weeks 13 to 16, observe a lot of good learning skills in your baby.

Week 13

By 3 months, your baby is showing a lot of signs that you could be proud of. Now that the 4th month has just started, observe these newborn growth milestones in week 13:

  1. Smiling all the way: Your baby is making people smile and laugh by her cute giggles that she loves to share with everyone. She is smiling and cooing with joy on all the funny things she finds around her. Try tickling her and you can see her smile away. Try kissing her on her belly and she would surely laugh. Don’t you just love this age!
  2. Vision improves: You may find her enjoying your lullabies. She may show interest in music and listening to you. Talk to her as much as you can.
  3. Your postpartum depression: You should stop having baby blues by now. If you keep on experiencing anxiety, there might be a problem. Click here to go through the symptoms and details of postpartum depression and how to treat it.

Week 14

By the mid of 4th month, your baby is loving all the attention she could possibly grab. The newborn growth and development is on its way. Observe:

  1. Play: She loves to be touched and played with. Your body contact gives her a sense of security and love. If your spouse feels that the little one is not as close to daddy as she is to you, you can ask your spouse to involve in some activities that involve direct skin contact such as giving your baby an oil massage or helping you in her bath.
  2. The circumcision decision: If you haven't circumcised your little one and you are still on the fence whether to go for it or not, let our article on the pros and cons of circumcision help you out.
  3. Bonding with daddy: Kangaroo care is a wonderful technique that allows skin to skin contact of the baby and parent. Dads can really have some nice time with their infant this way. In a nice cozy room, take off your shirt and your baby’s, let her lie on you while you rest comfortably on a chair or sofa, and let her play with you. Don’t forget to cover her from the back side to avoid her getting cold. This technique is ideally for newborn babies, and specially those who were born prematurely.

Week 15

Your baby is now heading towards 3 months and 3 weeks. Observe the following newborn and growth development changes in your little one:

  1. In love with the mirror! Your baby gains more interest in people around him. He even loves to stare a mirror, though he would not know it’s actually himself. Try holding him in front of your dressing mirror and notice him enjoy!
  2. Introduce a nanny: This is a nice time to introduce a nanny as he would be starting to recognize people around him.
  3. Baby-proofing: If you haven’t baby-proofed your house yet, what are you waiting for? In no time, your baby will start to crawl, so instead of waiting till the last moment, do it now. Also, don't forget to babyproof the forgotten areas.

Week 16

So the last week of the fourth month has now arrived! On week 16, observe the following newborn growth and development milestones in your little cuppy-cake:

  1. The belly movements! You will notice that your baby is now loving his movements. He may even turn from his belly to his back, but not vice versa as it would take him some more weeks to achieve that.
  2. Struggling is normal: If your baby is still struggling with arm and leg movements, do not fret, children grow on their own pace. Also, don't forget to check if his weight is according to his age. Sit back and enjoy every movement your little one makes.
  3. Diaper rash issues: If you notice rashes around the nappy area of the little one, don't worry. You can help your baby fight diaper rashes without having to run to the doctor. Check out our article on Diaper Rash to teach you all what you need to know about it.

You have a 4 month old baby in your arms! Bravo! The newborn growth and development is on a fine pace now. He will be getting naughtier by each passing day, so watch out!

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