Newborn Baby Toys:
Homemade Baby Rattles with ZERO Cost

You may have noticed that instead of going for typical newborn baby toys, your infant loves "attacking" vision glasses, keys, your necklace, even the TV remote. Odd things that they normally don't have access to excite them. How about creating something different for them to play? : )

When we talk about toys for newborns, rattle is the first thing that comes in our mind. Babies love sound and color, and if you put both these attributes in a toy, you get a baby rattle.

Have you tried making baby rattles at home instead of running to the toy store to purchase them? It is one of the easiest and cheapest DIY (Do It Yourself) newborn baby toys that you may come across. Your baby wouldn’t judge you for not spending any money on the rattle (this would probably be the only age they won’t complain about it); and you would be amazed at this creative side of you!

Here we go...

1 – Take some colored and/ or sound producing objects that you don't really need. Find these things from your home, like different shapes and sizes of buttons, coins, dried beans, an old key, glitter, old beads or broken bracelets, ribbons, and your older child’s broken crayons, etc. You can also use food color on raw rice, pasta and other light-colored objects to make them colorful and stand out.

2 – Take an empty plastic soda or water bottle. Fill half of it with these colorful objects. Don’t fill it to the top, otherwise the rattle won’t produce much sound.

3- Using super glue, tightly glue the cap.

Your homemade baby rattle is ready. You can make different kinds of baby rattles like these. Do not introduce all the rattles at once; this will keep your little one excited in different kinds of rattles.

You can even make a liquid one with colored water (use food colors) and oil drops. Imagination has no boundaries. : )

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