A HEALTHY Baby is a HAPPY Baby

There is nothing that can make a parent happier than having a healthy baby. If I were a mathematician, I would have written it as:

Healthy baby = Happy Baby = Happy Parents = Less Medical Expense = Happier Life!

Whether you are a new parent, or a mom (or dad) to-be, you need to know your newborn's risk factors and how to handle those. Here is a list of common baby illnesses and what you should do about them:

Things that can upset a Healthy Baby:

The Controversial Issues:

The Bottle or the Breast?

Till your baby reaches the age of 6 months, all she will have is milk. Healthy beginnings lead to a healthy life. So make sure you are satisfied with whatever choice you make between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding (or you can use a combination of both). You can always weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both feeding techniques to come up with a clear winner.

Prevention is better than cure!

How can we prevent our baby from falling sick? The answer is simple.

1. Make sure the surroundings are clean and baby equipment (feeding bottles, pacifiers, breast-pump, and teethers, etc.) are properly sterilized.

2. Newborn babies don't go out too often, but they still need a bath or sponging. Check out our Baby Bath section to know when and how to bathe and sponge them.

3. Make sure you have baby-proofed your home wisely, and specially taken care of the areas that are mostly forgotten.

4. Ensure your baby is sleeping well.

5. Massages are so under-rated! If you don't do it already, give your little one a 5-minute daily massage and see the difference. Your baby will sleep well and feel good. Don't we all feel relaxed after a good massage, then why won't our baby feel the same? 

By knowing the basics of health care and symptoms of some of the most common illnesses in babies, you will help your baby tremendously by offering timely help. Remember, a healthy baby is a happy baby. And who doesn't want that?

Become your newborn's first and foremost doctor - just a cry away!

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