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Home remedies to increase breast milk

Insufficient breast milk is a syndrome most of the young mothers of today face frequently. There are several home remedies to increase breast milk that

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Milk with rusk

Take a glass of milk, soak the rusk into the milk. Eat it few times a day... it will produce more breast milk.

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The best home remedy to increase breast milk

I drank Healthy nursing tea 3-4 times a day. It's at Target and I produced enough milk supply for my DD. Also, pumping for 5 minutes right after breastfeeding

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My 4 months daughter is vomiting nowadays. Even after finishing up her milk and getting burped, she still often feels uncomfortable and vomits. Earlier,

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How my three weeks baby boy must breath... slow or fast? I don't understand the breathing.

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Say Noto formula feeds

To increase my breast milk I completely avoided formula milk even on the initial days where doctors usually suggest formula milk if mother is not able

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My baby's name is taken from the Bible book of Genesis Chapter 20. Where Joseph was given an Egyptian name from their king. I love reading & listening


Breastfeed at night

Breastfeeding at night besides using a bottle helps increase supply because your hormones are higher at night and early in the morning. It worked for me

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Eat garlic. Add garlic in every food you use as it helps to produce milk very instantly.

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