The IDEAL Newborn Weight Gain

The concept of "newborn weight gain" has been bugging moms for a long long time now.

If your mother-in-law says you have not been feeding the baby well, or if you keep on comparing your baby's newborn weight gain with your best friend's, or your colleague believes that your baby is not outgrowing his clothes for quite some time now, then STOP! Stop focusing on what other people say. To be on the safe side (sometimes they could be right), check the baby milestones chart below to see how your little one is growing.

A baby's birth weight depends upon many factors including the mother's health and diet, genes and family structure. It is also interesting to note that the babies born in Asia will have a different average birth weight than those born in the Europe or Africa. Upon discharge time, the newborn sheds off a couple of pounds that was generally due to swelling at the time of birth.

Use the information below as a general comparison only. If you feel your baby is way behind or is gaining weight too fast, only then you need to consult the doctor. Remember, every child has a different body structure, height and metabolism.

Newborn Weight Gain Chart:

Baby’s age and average (ideal) weight are as under:

  • Newborn (at the time of birth) : 6 – 9 pounds (2.7 kg - 4 kg)
  • 1st week after birth : Baby drops a few ounces (1 pound = 16 ounces)
  • 2nd week after birth : Regains the lost ounces
  • By the end of 1st month : Weight gained = 15 ounces
  • 1- 3 months : Gains 6 ounces every week
  • 47 months : Gains 1.5 – 2 pounds every month (i.e., approximately 1/2 to 1 kg)
  • 8th months : Weighs 2.5 times the birth weight
  • 1 year : Weighs 3 times the birth weight

Baby Milestones Chart

A formula fed baby tends to gain weight faster as compared to a breastfed baby If your baby has a low birth weight and the doctor pronounces him a healthy baby, do not worry too much about him not gaining much weight. Newborn weight gain tends to vary between babies, even siblings.

Click here to have a complete week-by-week and month-by-month Baby Milestones Chart to analyze your newborn growth. See if your baby is completing all developmental milestones properly.

Premature Baby

If you have a premature baby, you may notice that your preemie meets the baby developmental milestones a couple of months late. This is very natural. Your preemie baby came out early so it will take him a couple of more months to bridge the gap but when he does, no one could tell if your baby was born as a premature infant or a full-term baby. Click here to know all about the development of your preemie.

Multiple Births

In case of multiple births you may have noticed that even twins and triplets show a varying degree of newborn baby development. Some start talking earlier than their counterpart; others grow out their first tooth weeks before their twin brother or sister does. As long as they are healthy and happy and your doctor confirms so, you should not worry if one is taller or quieter than the other. Newborn milestones don't depend on a timeline, so just chill :) .

Newborn baby health is more important

Remember that you want a healthy and active baby and not a fat or skinny baby. It is very important to understand this difference. According to our survey, most of the parents (specially moms) are not satisfied with the current weight/ height of their baby. Mostly mothers have this belief that their baby is not having a proper intake (formula milk, breast milk or even soft semi-solids in case the baby reaches 4-6 months). Most of the time this ends up in a very chubby baby and then they worry about the baby gaining too much of weight! In other instances, many babies have a lean structure, and their body's metabolic rate is higher, enabling them to look skinny but they are quite active.

If, according to your doctor, your baby is active, but you feel that he still falls short of the ideal newborn weight gain, don't worry too much. No two are identical when it comes to baby growth and development. Give nature's process of newborn growth some time.

Are you happy with your baby's weight?

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New! Comments

Have something to say about what you just read? Leave me a comment in the box below :)