Baby Cribs & Crib Mattress:
Is your baby really safe inside the 4 walls?

Searching for good baby cribs (baby cot) can be quite exciting and confusing at the same time. The look-good versus feel-good element often perplexes a parent.

When a couple starts to plan a baby, they often dream of a crib that looks wonderful; is nice, warm and cozy, and the baby loves being in it. But as they say, looks can be deceiving. A pretty crib may not just be the right one for your newborn baby or any baby. You need to make sure that the rules and regulations for crib safety have been followed. What are these specs? Continue reading and you will end up finding the perfect cot bed and infant crib bedding for your little angel.

Baby Cot Specifications:

  1. The panel bars of the baby cot bed should be of a uniform height of at least 26 inches. Same measurement goes for the panel posts.
  2. The slats must be narrow enough, ideally 2 inches wide so that your baby does not get his head or leg stuck in it.
  3. If the cot has wheels, then these wheels must have a proper locking mechanism.
  4. If the cot has dropping rails, then this system should not be in reach of your baby.
  5. Consider crib safety: the cot must not have any pointed areas and the paint or stickers (if any) should not peel off.

The Cot Mattress:

  1. The cot/ crib mattress has to be firm. If you are going for a second-hand baby cot, make sure you replace the cot mattress and the infant crib bedding with a new one. The old crib mattress may be unhygienic and soft from the middle.
  2. The crib mattress should exactly fit the baby cot – no empty spaces at sides. Generally a cot mattress has the size: 133cm X 71cm X 13cm.
  3. Make sure the infant crib bedding sheets are properly tucked in. If you are using a waterproof infant baby bedding beneath the original cot sheet, make sure everything is nicely tucked in. Many parents prefer organic crib sheets for their little one.

Improper using or tucking in the mattress and sheets may cause serious harm to your baby. Read our article on Cot Death (SIDS).


  1. Avoid placing the crib in areas that are close to window and curtains. However, it is nice to get sunlight on the cot area.
  2. Avoid placing baby crib near sharp objects, lamps, loose chords and power supplies.

When it comes to Comfort vs Style, Comfort is the clear winner.

If you are not co-sleeping with your baby and need to find a good nest for your little birdie to snooze in all day long, keep in mind the safety factors that have been discussed above before going out looking for baby cribs.

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