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The polls and surveys page at Newborn Hub is a place to give your opinion and to know what other parents/ caregivers think. Once you submit your choice in the poll, you will be revealed the results. How exciting!

Did you suffer from depression after giving birth to your baby?

No (thank God!)
Yes, Baby Blues (temporary: for initial 1-2 weeks only)
Yes, Postpartum Depression (long-term)
Not sure/ May be

Breastfeeding or Bottlefeeding. What is your pick?

Bottle feeding
A combination of both.

The Circumcision Decision - to do or not to do!

Yes, I am in favor of Circumcision.
No, I am against Circumcision.
I don't really care.


Yes, co-sleeping creates a magical bond!
No. Babies should always have a separate cot.
Sometimes, but not always.

Vitamin K shots at birth

Yes - for Vitamin K injection.
Yes - but by mouth.
No - it seems too risky.
Never thought about it.


Are you happy with your baby's weight?

Yes, absolutely!
No, my baby should gain some weight.
No, my baby should lose some weight.

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