Newborn Development Of Your 3 Weeks Old Baby

In the third week of your little munchkin, observe the following newborn development:

Umbilical Stump

If the umbilical cord stump is still there, it will fall off this week (*fingers crossed*). Keep the area dry and clean it using rubbing alcohol and cotton ball. Read the article on Umbilical Cord Stump for all the necessary care. Also, make sure you sponge-bath your newborn baby when the umbilical stump is still there. Once the stump falls off, you can then introduce your baby to the splashes of bath-tub.

Lifting his head

Your baby will be developing proper muscle movements. One of the major developmental milestones he will hit this month will be to lift his head when he is on his belly. Some may even turn their head sideways by the end of this week.

It might be too early for a proper sleep routine

It is still early for your baby to develop a proper breastfeeding and sleeping schedule. So, if you feel sleep deprivation, its normal. Talk to parents with older children on how they coped with this situation. Remember, you are not alone in this as all mothers went through it. The point to remember is that you will get over it, one day!

Go through our Sleep section that promises to help you enormously in improving your baby's sleep routine, hence, allowing you (and your partner) some good night sleep as well!

Circumcised yet?

If you had a baby boy, the big decision of whether to circumcise or not come into the scene. Depending upon your and your partner's religious, social and personal beliefs, it is time to take the decision. Even if you plan to have your little boy circumcised after few months, at least you have made up your mind that you are going to!

Read our article on Circumcision that will inform you the pros and cons of circumcising. Once you have made your decision, don't forget to take part in our Circumcision Poll. It will just take 30 seconds, or even less!

Settling in...

A baby is a little thing that causes a big change. You would know this better by now! By the third week, your home routine might start to settle down. Being a parent makes us responsible but that does not mean that we should start living inside the four walls of our house. Resume socializing; go out for a walk with your baby in pram. Ask your mother to look after your baby while you go out for a movie with your partner or friend. You also need some "Me-time".

Remember, babies can feel the unrest in their mothers. Even the flow of your breast milk is affected when you are feeling depressed. Give yourself time and space, and enjoy the newborn development, week by week.

Do you think bath times are scary?

As soon as the umbilical cord stump falls off, it's time to shift your baby from sponge-bath to a bath-tub.You may feel nervous bathing your delicate bundle of love, but it will be just fine! Read our article on 10 easy steps to giving a wonderful baby-bath.

Learn how to make this bathtime memorable for both the baby as well as the mother (and father). Newborn development is a gradual process; enjoy the journey, and take lots of photographs!

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