Baby Development: 10 Month Old 
(Weeks 37 - 40)

We have reached the month 10 of baby development milestones. Notice the following features week by week, this month:

Week 37

  1. Progressing in language: Soon your baby would be progressing in language and instead of her “ma”, “da” and “ga”s, she would be joining these words to say mama or dada. And the best part is that she would be associating her mama word only to you – a sign to show that you are the closest person in her life.
  2. Response to new environment: It is normal for a baby her age to cranky when you take her to a new place. The best way to deal with this situation is to take a couple of her favorite toys with her so that she does not feel insecure at the new place. If you are attending a family party with her, she might get irritated by loud music or even upon being too much or too hard kissed. So if your baby reacts to someone’s hug or kiss with a frown, its pretty normal.
  3. Your little explorer: Give your baby things to explore – take her out for swimming or  to a zoo or a friend’s place who has pets. Babies this age love to explore things around them.

Week 38

The middle of the 10th month brings you the following baby development milestones:

  1. Memory development: Your baby is entering an age where he tends to remember things – the people he see in the park, his favorite toys, his crib, the music he likes to hear when he is about to sleep and his carrycot. But this is a short-term memory and it can only let your baby remember things that happened in near past, meaning only almost a couple of weeks old. It will take him a couple of more years to develop a long-term memory.
  2. Refining motor skills: If your baby wants to eat by himself, let him do it. It may cause you some trouble in cleaning the baby chair and his clothes, but it will help in refining your baby’s motor skills. Do not expect your baby to eat like a gentleman, even his dad may not eat like one (ouch!) – tie an apron or a big bib around him and give him a Bon Appétit signal!

Week 39

Baby development at week 39 (10th month) will be:

  1. Understanding your facial expression: As your baby is progressing towards his tenth month, you will notice that he is able to understand a lot of things you say to him. It is not because he has started understanding the whole language you speak, but primarily the facial expressions that you have while talking to him. He would know if you are pleased at him for doing something nice or he might instantly spot your anger.
  2. Understanding few words: He also understands some words at this stage, so keep on talking to him as much as you can. Many babies this age could understand simple questions asked by their parents or nannies – whether they want to go out, have milk, or play with a ball – ask your baby and see how he responds.
  3. Learning quickly: Even when you are doing the dishes or sorting out clothes, keep on talking to your baby. Try looking at him when you talk so that he can relate your words with the expressions you have on your face. Babies learn quickly at this age, so let him absorb all the knowledge he can. This is one of the important developmental milestones he will be achieving this month.

Baby development at Week 40

So, the end of the month has arrived. Check out the baby development milestones your baby may achieve at his 40th week:

  1. Your little decision maker: Your little angel is become more and more active with each passing day. You must have noticed that he has now started taking decisions for himself  - what toy he wants, where he wants to play, how he wants to eat his food and the people he would want to smile back at. If he wants to stay in a pram and you want to pull him out, he will make sure he communicates what he wants. He can show his anger or even cry when things do not go his way. This is a sign that his tiny brain is developing and soon he would start insisting you on things he want to do, like going to the park or talking on phone. If you feel that your baby is not attracted towards cartoons like babies his age, don’t push him. He might be enjoying all the “live” action around him!
  2. Certainly not a cleanliness freak: Since babies love to crawl at this age, make sure you are extra careful when it comes to cleaning the house. If you have a nanny or maid who does this job for you, keep a check on their cleaning as the last thing you would want at this stage would be to have your baby caught in episodes of vomiting or diarrhea. Keep a hand sanitizer in your purse or baby-bag so that if you take your child out in the park or any other public place, you could clean his hands. Babies this age love to taste all the weird things around them - you must have noted that!

This concludes the 10 month old baby development milestones. We are now reaching towards your little one's first birthday. Have you started thinking about the big day? What are your plans to celebrate? Is it going to be a grand party or a small close-family get-together.

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