Does your baby sleep like a baby?

What could be more soothing than to see a newborn baby sleep. If you are a parent, you could not agree more.

Talking about baby sleep, whoever came up with the phrase "to sleep like a baby" (which means enjoying a sound sleep) didn't have a baby of his own, for sure. I mean which baby is he referring to?

A baby wakes up hundreds of times throughout his sleep due to many reasons such as demanding milk, needing a diaper change, feeling too hot or cold, feeling uncomfortable in his clothes or crib, or he just wants to wake up! (yep, babies don't have to be too logical at this age - or any other age even when they grow up!)

Cranky baby = Cranky mother

Do you agree?

A newborn sleep is not just the time your newborn rests, energizes and develops; it is your time. The time when you can do something you want or have to do - a time when you can put aside your motherly/ robotic avatar and can finally breathe. You can relax, carry out your household chores, or connect with your partner.

This is the time when the baby is properly fed and tucked in his crib with comfortable diapers and clothes. Try giving yourself the time you need. It will not only be beneficial for you but for your baby too. A physically and mentally healthy mother is all a baby needs.

But wait a minute...

Are you thinking how on earth can you carry out your chores, relax or spend some quality time with your spouse when your little angel keeps on waking up from time to time, or sleeps at the wrong time? This leads us to an important question...

How to make an infant sleep routine?

If you ask a new mum, babies have a bizarre sleep pattern. But once you make a routine, everything starts working according to the plan. Which plan? The plan that your newborn baby has arrived to make life worth living for, and not to deprive you of sleep, in any way.

Are these factors concerning you:

Who does not love a sleeping baby? Check out the amazing articles (by clicking their respective links) in this section - they are all what you need to keep you going (and your baby sleeping)!

Enjoy your "Me-time"

After endless efforts to make your little one fall asleep, you may have noticed that your battery totally drains out! Yes, the urges to cry without a reason and feeling (dark) blue serves as an indication of your low-battery. So what do you do now? Remember, a physically and mentally healthy mother is what your whole family needs - it's what you need. Sleep, relax, or just do anything you like - the cobwebs and dirty dishes can wait!

If you think the whole baby-experience has taken its toll on your relationship with your spouse or other kids, this is the time when you can make up for the lost time. If you think you need more sleep, then sleep! If you have a long list of pending chores, start now - one by one.

The bottom line is, now that your little munchkin is asleep, without wasting any time, start with the things you want to do.

Ready ... get set ... go!

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