Week 2: Your Cute Newborn Baby Is A Learner!

So the second week has arrived with your cute newborn baby. You must be given a pat on the back, or a big warm hug for coping with the roller coaster ride of the first week. Let us see what the second week has in store for you and your baby...

The week # 2 comes with the following developmental milestones:

Refined movements

Your baby’s body movements start to refine. He might suck his thumb, take deep breaths, and search for your nipple during breast-feeding. The eye-control is relatively visible now – your baby will blink often and might look you in the eye for a second or two. Such a wonderful feeling!

Colicky baby

If your baby is non-stop crying for no reason, it might be due to colic which affects 20% of newborn babies at this stage. Don’t worry too much your cute newborn baby crying out loud for absolutely no reason. Colic is a phase that will pass in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, it would be beneficial to know more about it and tips to reduce colic.

Struggling with breastfeeding

If you and your baby are still struggling with breast-feeding techniques, do not give up and replace with bottle. Instead, give yourself more time. Keep on reminding yourself about the unlimited benefits of breast-milk over formula-milk. Also, check out these breastfeeding accessories in case you haven't already bought them. Some of them are very helpful, others might be considered optional. You are the best judge in deciding which breastfeeding aid you really need.

Caring for the Umbilical Stump

There is a large possibility that the tiny umbilical stump may fall off this week. Make sure you are keeping it clean using cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. Read the article on Umbilical Cord Stump for all the necessary baby care tips of the little cord. Don't worry if it hasn't fallen off yet, it will.

Newborn skin peeling

You may find your newborn's skin peeling in the initial few weeks. Click here to know more about what newborn skin peeling means, its causes, and how to treat it.

Meanwhile, make sure you bathe your newborn using a sponge (referred to as sponge-bath). Once the stump dries and falls off, you can then go for a regular bath. Click here to read 10 easy steps to a joyful baby bath.

Cute Newborn Baby

Resumed your routine life yet?

If you are still having trouble in resuming your routine life, it’s normal. A newborn in house means a change in schedule, responsibilities and your relationship with your spouse. Give yourself ample time to adopt the new routine. Also, involve your spouse in baby care chores so that he does not feel left-out.

Before you know it, the second week will be over. Everyday you will learn a new thing regarding babycare, motherhood or fatherhood. A new baby brings with him a big bag full of joys and a whole lot of work too! If you feel that you need some help in your daily work, don't get frustrated. Ask your spouse, or hire a nanny if you can afford to.

After all, the process of birth does not just make a baby, it makes a mother as well (and a father too)! You need to take care of yourself as well as of your cute newborn baby.

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