Your 1 Month Old Baby

Wow, your newborn baby is 1 month old now - almost! It seems like yesterday the new creature came into this world, and now by the end of this week you will have a one month old baby with you.

See what your newborn is up to in week 4:

Your little one can properly hear now.

An important milestone in newborn growth, the hearing ability of your baby is now completely developed. But this, of course, does not mean that he will be able to understand and identify everything. Notice his reaction at various types of sounds. He is moving towards differentiating different kinds of noises.

Your baby starts to speak!

As amazing as it may sound, those cute humming sounds that your baby makes is a sign of baby development - a way to express his feelings. Talk to your baby as often as you can, face to face. This way he will understand your face expressions along with your voice. Try talking to him even when you have put him down and are on a distance. Your baby will love your voice even from far away. He loves to be engaged.

Body movement

For your 4 week old baby, the arm and leg movements are properly directed, instead of sudden jerks. Hold attractive rattles and toys in front of him, and make his tiny hands and feet move! Or even better, make your very own baby rattle at home!

The postpartum you!

For you, it is still too early to start worrying about your pregnancy weight. At this point, you really need to eat well to get all the nutrients so that your baby can get them in your breast milk. If you are still having problems sitting properly due to delivery, talk to your midwife. Your stitches must be healing now, and make sure you keep yourself clean not only in the breast region but also your vaginal area (in case you had a normal delivery), as well as your stitches in case you had a C-section delivery.

Our highly recommended article on Postpartum Depression helps you identify if your anxiety is actually a sign of depression or you are just experiencing the baby blues that will soon fade away.

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