11 Months Old:
Baby Month By Month (Weeks 41 - 44)

You have been reading about your baby month by month in this section. You have now reached the 11th month.

Week 41

  1. Is your baby social? If you feel that your baby does not like too much crowd and prefer staying at home, do not fret. This does not mean your baby will grow up to become unsocial. So avoid all the negative energy and all the weird comments you hear from people around you who compare your baby with another baby in the family.
  2. Keep on communicating: Babies grow at their own pace, and you may realize this very soon when your baby starts to learn things on a faster pace than other babies in the family that are his age. Keep on talking to your baby about almost anything. If he tries to talk to you in his own language, reply him as if you totally understood what he just said. Talk to him slowly and try looking at his face so that he can relate your words with your expressions.
  3. Brain development: Your baby’s brain is also developing at a rapid pace; so if your baby does not like cereals, do not think that this choice will last forever. Babies keep on changing their preferences so give your baby some time to make his own decision about the things, places and people he likes, as he may have a totally different opinion the next week!

Week 42

The middle of the 11th month has arrived. If you are following the baby month by month milestones at NewbornHub, you may notice that few of the milestones are repeated. This is because different babies achieve their milestones at their own pace and take few weeks or even months to exhibit them in a routine.

  1. The walking milestone: This is a very good age to encourage your baby to walk, but do not be too pushy. Every child takes his own time to sit, crawl, clap and stand.
  2. Is your baby-proofing solid? If you feel that your child loves to roam around the house by holding furniture, make sure you have baby-proofed the entire house. Sometimes we miss out on many obvious baby-threats. Did you babyproof the forgotten areas? If you have an older child, make sure you communicate to him not to bring pencils, rubbers and other stationary item near the baby. You baby can easily choke on the rubber, or he may even squeeze it to fit in this nostril or ear. 
  3. The brushing routine: By this age, your baby must have popped out a couple of shiny pearls. Are you keeping those tiny teeth clean? Brush your baby’s teeth everyday using a soft brush that is specifically designed for infants. Starting an early brushing habit will help your child in the long run as he would consider brushing a must and not an option.

Week 43

You have been keenly observing your baby month by month. Week 43 kicks off with the following observations:

  1. Encouragement goes a long way: Your baby is now advancing towards her first birthday and soon you would be ordering her first birthday cake. Your baby must also be practicing hard to walk independently on her big day – help her by holding her hand whenever you feel she wants to walk. However, do not force her to stand all by herself, her muscles are still developing and she will stand all by herself when it’s the right time – only her body knows better! So instead of being pushy, be encouraging. If she tries to stand for even a millisecond, laugh and clap. She would understand your encouragement and would try again.
  2. Vaccination: Make sure you keep an eye on your baby’s vaccination chart. Although you may find some changes in the vaccination charts of different hospitals or countries, the important vaccinations are all the same. Remember that these vaccinations are very important for your child, so do not think about delaying a shot even for a single day, ideally.

Week 44

Our month by month journey of the 11th month is about to come to an end. Let's have a look at the last week of this month.

  1. Crawling or walking with support: Your baby must be crawling or walking with support at this stage. Make sure your house is 100% baby-proofed.
  2. Does your baby understand the meaning of No? Try teaching your child the difference between safe and not-so-safe items in your home. By this time, your baby understands what “No” means – so make sure he obeys that as well. Trying showing your dismay at things he did wrong like spitting or biting. Clap and encourage him on things he do well, like eating from his hands, throwing a ball or trying to walk unsupported. 
  3. Cleanliness: Hygiene is very important for your baby. Crawling in different corners of your house may cause your baby’s delicate skin to show signs of allergies or eczema. Keep an eye on your baby’s skin and contact a dermatologist as soon as you find any suspicious mark. It is not uncommon for a baby to develop fungal infection or skin problems this age. Make sure you keep that delicate skin moisturized by applying a nice lotion after every bath and specially before tucking your baby into bed.

Our discussion on the journey of your baby month by month reaches the final milestone now - 12th month is about to start. Are you excited? Are you ready? Let us move to the last major month of our baby month by month journey.

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