6 Baby Nursery Ideas You Will LOVE!

Do you need help with nursery ideas? See, we can read minds! :-)

While thinking about creating or decorating our newborn's nursery, the first thing that comes to our mind is the color or theme of the nursery room. Whatever theme you use, you need to come up with a base color (or colors in case you want to use multiple colors or have the rainbow effect).

So, without wasting much time, let's begin with the basics of all nursery themes: choosing the perfect color for your perfect little munchkin.

1. Nothing can go wrong in playing it safe.

A Pink nursery for a baby girl and a blue one for a baby boy will never go out of fashion. If you don't like experimenting much, you can play safe and go with the flow. You can, however, create a variation by the nursery furniture you use. And don't feel that the cliche colors will make your bundle of joy's nursery look boring - a nursery can never be boring! Check out the pink and blue nursery ideas here and see for yourself!

If the nursery room is small, try to go with a single shade of the color you picked. If you are looking for a color different than pink, you can go for peach and violet for girls, and green for boys; while colors like white and beige are good unisex colors that look as good in a baby boy nursery as in a baby girl's room (more on unisex color nurseries later in this article).

If you are a parent-to-be and you already know the gender of your little arrival, chances are that you may have come up with a name too. (Click here if you are struggling with the PERFECT name for your baby). A good nursery idea to personalize your baby's room is to write it on the central wall or right above the crib. You can also use his/ her initials.

During the baby nursery decor process, make sure you keep the crib at a place that's closer to the sunlight source, but not too much joined to the curtains as it may lead to a potential health risk. Read our article on baby proofing your baby's nursery here.

2. Go Green!

If you think blue is a common boy nursery color, then green can be a less common choice. If you introduce some brown, white or yellow to compliment a shade of green, it can make the nursery look more interesting.

If you are living in a cold climate region, you can use chocolate brown or darker shades of green with lighter ones to give the nursery a warm feeling. For hot climatic regions, using white with green can make the nursery look cool.

Check out the nursery ideas below:

If your nursery room size is small, use lighter shades to make it look less cluttered and wide. Minimize the nursery furniture set and stay with the basics (crib, feeding chair, chest of drawer for storage and changing table if required) For a larger nursery room, you can use darker shades to make the room look filled and complete.

A good idea for figuring out which color will compliment green (or any other color for that matter) is to take nature for inspiration. Think about the contrasts nature has for green:

  • green + brown (nature inspiration: tree);
  • green + dark purple (an egg plant - this can be a very good nursery color theme, as purple when properly used can create a magical spark in the room); 
  • green + yellow
  • green + light blue (the meadows)

... and so on. Use your imagination - you can come up with so many color combinations.

3. Unisex Baby nursery themes:

Your baby' is on his/ her way and you want the gender to be a surprise? No problem! Go for a unisex theme. White, beige, yellow, grey and multicolored nursery rooms are best in this regard.

Try complimenting yellow with another color like white, green, brown or grey to give it more depth.

A contemporary look is always in! It not only shows your classiness, it can also be a good unisex choice.

Furthermore, look at the rainbow for inspiration. Color up your little one's room my contrasting different shades of pink, blue, green and yellow to come up with an awesome nursery room. If you have no idea about the gender of your baby, you can always go with a mixed color theme - it can never go out of fashion - and looks very cute too.

4. Stand out:

If you are looking for one nursery idea that sums up your baby's room, I would say "Stand out!" - because that's what your baby is born to do. To stand out from the crowd! Every child is unique. Being different does not mean growing crazy with your color selection - it just means picking a color/ shade that may not be the first choice of most of the parents and this is the exact reason why it's going to be a hit!

Check out some of the following nursery ideas for inspiration:

Teal, rust, black and white (zebra themed) nurseries are some of the examples of standing out with your nursery ideas. You can also use polka dots on the walls to bring the nursery to life. Trees on a wall are always "in" when it comes to nursery decoration.

5. Go Creative!

Go creative not only with the color but with the theme! If you have chosen a blue nursery for your baby boy but feel low that it could be cliched and monotone, you are wrong. Check out the following nursery ideas to brighten up your thoughts as well as the nursery!

Never thought red could be an option? Think again! Using red with a sober color like white, grey and beige can make the nursery look chic.

If you have some time, you can create something yourself to make the room stand out. If you are a shopaholic, you can keep on looking for stuff that match with your little one's nursery theme - you may be surprised by your findings!

If you think the the decoupage tree above is very hard to make, you are wrong my friend! Click here to learn how to make this very easy and highly creative tree - right out of your imagination - right here, right now. (It is also loaded with pics to help you at every step, with a bonus pictorial trick on how to make paper flowers). There is nothing more rewarding than some DIY work put in your baby's nursery room :-)

6. The Contemporary touch:

Simplicity is the best policy. Sober and calm colors like grey, white, cream and beige are not only a safe choice, they are wonderful unisex colors. So if you are not sure of your baby's gender or if you are giving a surprise to an expecting parent by decorating him/ her a baby nursery, you can definitely go for this decent option. And they look great. If you don't believe me, check out the following nursing ideas and see for yourself!

Wanna share your nursery ideas?

I hope this page gave you a lot of nursery ideas specially on choosing the color theme. No matter what theme you and your partner chooses for your baby's nursery, it will work magic once your bundle of joy is there - giggling, sleeping and just being there. Good luck with your nursery ideas and do share with us your nursery idea on our Facebook page:


Looking forward! :)

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