Bathtime: 10 Steps To A Wonderful Bath

Newborn bathtimes may seem scary to almost all new moms. This article will change your perception!

Most of us are scared to handle our newborn babies in the bath seat or tub. It's quite natural as your baby seems so fragile that you are afraid you will end up twisting her arm or hurting a muscle or two. But you won't. Not if you follow these 10 super-easy steps to a wonderful baby bath - guaranteed!

Sponge-bath vs bathtub:

Question: When to give a sponge-bath, and when to head to the bathtub?

Answer: Once your newborn’s umbilical cord stump falls off, you can then start giving your baby proper baths in a baby bath tub. Until then, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends giving your newborn a sponge bath.

A tub full of love ... *splash splash*

For bathing a baby and an amazing bathtime experience, you will need the following items at your arm's reach, in addition to your baby and yourself ;-)

  1. A baby bathtub, bathseat or sink (wash-basin) with moderately warm water. Remember that the ideal temperature of the water needs to be not more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. A small container to pour water on your baby.
  3. Bath supplies: a washcloth, 2 cotton balls, baby soap or baby wash, baby shampoo (optional).
  4. Baby towel (to dry your baby with), clean clothes (including a vest to keep the tiny chest warm), a clean diaper and some baby lotion.

Let the bathtime begin ...*drum rolls*

For bathing a newborn baby, roll up your sleeves and follow these simple steps:

bathing a newborn
  1. Heat the room if it is cold. Your newborn is more likely not to cry if the room or washroom temperature is nice and warm. Also, keep all the bath supplies ready and handy.
  2. Undress your baby and put him in the bathtub or sink with his face towards you, and one of your hand should support his lower back and neck. The other hand will do the work!
  3. Gently pour water on his body to wet him. Make sure that the water reaches everywhere other than the head. The underarms, the neck folds, genitals etc. all need to get wet.
  4. Apply some baby shampoo on the head and gently massage. Then wash it with some water using a cup. Make sure the water does not fall on his face especially the inside his ears or nose.
  5. Use a washcloth to clean the face and ears.
  6. With the help of damp cotton balls, wipe both the eyes gently from inside towards the outside. Use one cotton ball per eye.
  7. Apply baby-wash or baby soap all over the tiny body. Rinse well.
  8. Keep on pouring lukewarm water on your baby's body so that he does not feel cold. A baby generally cries if he does not like the surrounding temperature. Make your infant feel comfortable at all times.
  9. Once you are done with the bath, wrap your baby in a soft towel and dry gently.
    : Wet babies are slippery!
  10. Apply lotion. Put on the diaper and clothing. Swaddle if your baby is less than a month old.

Newborn bath can be a time when you connect with your baby, so make it a pleasant experience. How? Read our article on how to fill your baby’s bathtub will love and giggles. Also, avoid bathing baby (or even giving him a body massage) right after he intakes milk (breast or formula).

After these easy steps of bathtime, enjoy a squeaky clean baby and a happy and relieved you!

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