9 Months Old: Infant Growth (Weeks 33 - 36)

Are you ready for the exciting infant growth details in his/ her 9th month? Let us discuss week by week development of your little bundle of joy, this month...

Week 33

  1. Have you baby-proofed yet? Your baby will soon start to crawl, if she hasn’t already. Make sure your have baby-proofed your house. Baby-proofing does not mean that your baby will never fall or bump into something. It is quite natural for babies to have a couple of ups and downs when they learn to crawl. It is part of their learning process. They might stumble upon a pillow or may even fall from your lap, though this is not encouraged, if they do so do not make a big deal out of it. Rub the area gently and make sure the bump is not a hard one. If you feel any change in the behavior or mood of the baby in the next couple of hours, you may take her to the doctor.
  2. Your baby will be even more restless! Make sure your baby wears comfortable clothes as she needs to get a flexible clothing line in these months – she would be trying hard to move as much as she possibly can and you do not want to make it hard for her by packing her in fitted jeans, though it may make your baby look adorable. Bamboo clothes are gaining popularity these days for babies who are allergic to different fabrics.
  3. And the drooling continues: Your baby must be drooling a lot this month due to gum irritation and if she has already popped out a couple of teeth, she might try to bite things that are around her. Try to discourage her habit of biting by gently showing your dismay.

Week 34

It's time to discuss week 34 of your infant growth. So here we go...

  1. Active baby: Your baby would be able to sit up straight, clap his hands and throw a ball by this time.
  2. Little crawler: If he has not started crawling by now and is not showing any interest in it either, you do not have to worry. Some children crawl less and they prefer to walk directly when the age comes. This does not mean that one day they are sitting and the other day they will stand up all by themselves. This means that they might like it when you encourage them to stand with your support. However, do not force your baby to stand as his leg muscles might still be weak. At this point, do not compare your baby with other babies, instead, see what your baby wants to do and encourage him.
  3. Beware of food allergies: Make sure you incorporate different varieties of food group in your baby’s diet. However, when you introduce a new food item, observe for a couple of days and then introduce another one. This way you can keep a check on things that may cause food allergy to your baby.
  4. Other allergies: Some babies also develop allergies due to different clothing texture. If your baby is one among them, you can always opt for pure cotton clothes or bamboo clothes. They are natural and do not contain any element that could cause a reaction to that gentle skin. You can also search for these clothes online to save you some time, and possibly money as well.
Your baby will love to feel different types of texture.

Week 35

Infant growth at week 35 will feature:

  1. The shirt eats more food than your baby! Your baby might love to create a mess with his food at this stage. Whatever is on the plate, it’s on his shirt - his sleeves eat more food that your baby does - still your baby is happy and enjoys his meal time. Although the sight of baby mess is very frustrating, yet those expect your baby to behave like a gentleman – at least not for a dozen more years. Your can clean these stains with a good detergent or some household tips, but these stains are a part of his learning stage. What you can do is to get some less fancy and hence less expensive clothes for your baby that he can wear at home. This way when he messes up his shirt, or fades away his pajama-print due to crawling, you won’t feel bad.
  2. Your visionary baby! His vision is also getting clearer with each passing week. He can now see the things at some distance from him quite clearly. This triggers him to move to that object and hence start crawling.

Week 36

It's almost the end of this month now. Observe the following infant growth traits in your baby:

  1. Routine: This is the right age to make a routine for your baby, if you haven’t done that till now. Your baby needs to have a set routine of eating food, drinking milk (bottle or breast), sleeping and going to the park. If you have a babysitter or nanny as help, make sure you inform her strictly about the baby’s routine. This will not only help you but will also be beneficial for the baby in the long run.
  2. Brushing teeth: Make sure you brush those tiny pearls regularly. Having cute little teeth do not mean they wouldn’t be visited by bacteria and other germs. Make sure you make a habit of brushing your baby’s teeth twice a day. Do not forget to use a soft brush along with special toothpaste that is specially formulated for this age.

Did we just reach the end of this month? Way to go, mommy (and daddy!). Are you making a note of the developmental milestones achieved during the infant growth?

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