Disadvantages of Formula Feeding

Before worrying about the disadvantages of formula feeding, consider why you need to breastfeed - and the uncountable benefits for the breastfeeding mother. Formula feeding can be sometimes more challenging that what is generally assumed.

Disadvantages of Formula Feeding

No matter how fuss-free bottle-feeding sounds, there are a lot of challenges involved in formula feeding. Let’s have a look:

  1. Baby formula is expensive, unlike the “free” breast milk option. If money is an issue, would you really want to purchase infant formula for the next two years? How about going for the free breast milk instead?
  2. For bottle feeding, you need extra accessories including baby bottles, cleaning supplies and bottle sterilizer which adds to your budget.
  3. Breastfeeding keeps the mother healthy and is said to reduce or prevent Postpartum Depression.
  4. Bottle-feeding requires time and effort. You need to prepare the milk, make sure it has the right temperature and sterilize the bottle every time it’s used. If your baby is used to drinking warm milk, getting the right temperature of water specially when you are traveling or are away from home can be quite challenging.
  5. Moms are not new to brain-fog. If you forget bringing the milk bottle along with the baby, get ready for some real-time frustration. On the other hand, breasts go where ever moms go!
  6. A formula milk can never ever be a complete substitute of breast milk, so even if you are formula feeding, and for that, choosing the best brand available in the market, your baby is still missing out on some very important nutrients along with antibodies.
  7. Studies suggest that breastfeeding moms bond better with their babies as compared to formula-dependent moms.
  8. You always have to carry a baby bag loaded with bottles, warm water, and infant milk powder everywhere you go.

Breastfeeding vs bottle feeding

Have a quick look at the breastfeed vs bottle feed scenario. Our breastfeeding section can give you all the help you need on how to breastfeed your newborn baby.

If you are wondering why formula feeding is not respected much among doctors, make sure you understand the benefits of breastfeeding and the challenges of formula-milk. Having said that, there are some instances where mothers cannot or should not breastfeed. In such scenarios, you must focus on the advantages of formula and ignore the disadvantages of formula feeding.

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