Newborn Massage

Newborn massages are quite under-rated in most parts of the world. Who doesn't love indulging in a soothing and relaxing massage. We certainly do, and so do our babies!

Massages not only help in parent-baby bonding, but also serves as your newborn's initial exercise routine. They improve the blood circulation and help in stimulating nerves. Massages help in the development of immune system of your newborn, and therefore should be carried out as often as you can.

Ideal time for the little one's massage appointment...

The ideal time to carry out a newborn massage is either before his bath or bed time. Massages help newborn babies fall asleep quickly, so they are recommended for parents who complain about their newborn’s colic. However, try not to massage before meal or feeding time as it may make your baby take less feeding than usual by dozing off during the feed.

Bring out the Massage Therapist in you...

To massage your baby:

  1. Sit with your baby in a warm and quiet room.
  2. Make sure your hands are clean and warm, and you feel relaxed. Remove any ring, bracelet or wrist-watch as it may cause a scratch on you baby’s delicate skin.
  3. Using baby-oil, canola oil or coconut oil, start massaging the legs and then hands. Try avoiding nut oils and scented oils as they may cause your baby some allergy. Make sure your hand and fingers are oily enough so as to avoid any friction. Also, ensure your nails are not causing any discomfort to the baby.
  4. Massage with soft circular strokes. If your baby does not like to be massaged at any specific place, leave that area.
  5. Try different techniques like softly rubbing, gently kneading and slightly tapping to check what your baby enjoys the most.
  6. Continue massaging for 15 minutes.

A nice massage followed by a warm bath is said to make your newborn sleepy. Try it and your newborn will love the home spa you created for him.

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