Is Your Newborn Nanny Nice Or Nasty?

Are you thinking of hiring a newborn nanny?

A majority of parents get stressed up, confused or nervous when it comes to asking someone else to take care of their baby. For many, a daycare center is the best option but some still prefer their babies to stay inside the familiar walls of their cozy home.

If you want to hire a nanny (or babysitter), make sure you carry out all the research and safety procedures before leaving your infant with her. The first step would be to let the newborn be with the nanny for some time in your presence. No matter how reliable the nanny is, if your baby does not want to be around her, you should not force your child.

Of course, children (babies or toddlers) would first repel a nanny because no one can replace real parents and they would not want a third person to be suddenly around all the time. You need to make sure the environment stays calm and friendly between the caregiver and your little one.

1. Carry out the necessary background checks.

Once you find a nanny that you think might be good for your newborn baby care, run a background check on her. Keep a photocopy of her ID (any kind of identity card with her photograph and information that indicates her whereabouts). References always help. If possible, talk to her former employers - ask them why she is not working with them anymore.

2. Observe.

Observe the language the nanny speaks; the words she chooses; the manners she displays; and the gestures she exhibits. In no time, your child would be picking up a lot of things from her. Make sure she is clean and well-mannered. A decent education is always a big plus in infant and newborn care.

3. Should you spy on your newborn nanny?

Many people believe that they would rather spy on their nannies from time to time just to make sure they are not being nasty with their newborn. Whether or not having a nanny cam is a good option remains a debate. At one hand you are disrespecting her by this behavior and it may be a little embarrassing for you if you are caught doing so, but then, it's your baby we are talking about.

Nannies are there to help you in your infant and newborn care, and nanny cams are there to make sure they are doing exactly what they are being paid for; yet nothing can replace your motherly instincts. Though these instincts can sometimes drive you totally insane with your absurd thoughts (read our highly read article You Know You Are A Mom When... for some good laugh), it's always good to satisfy your mind. After all, the purpose of hiring a newborn nanny is to give yourself some mental and physical peace while you resume your life.

However, it is always good to keep an eye on your nanny. This includes knowing her daily activities, her family details and specially the silent behavior of your baby when the caregiver is holding him.

4. Do not rule out the complaints...

If your child is an infant, he may obviously not be able to speak his mind and register any complaint regarding the nanny. However, if you have another child who is a toddler or preschooler, and your nanny also takes care of him, always investigate if the older child puts an allegation.

Remember, toddlers make up things, which may or may not be true. There was a time when my three year old daughter used to come home from her preschool saying that her teacher was mean and pressed her hand really hard, when the teacher actually tried to just paste a star on her hand! Make sure you properly research about a complaint that your child makes before blaming the nanny. But then, do not ignore or disregard any tale that your child shares. A nanny can never be a true replica of an actual parent.

5. Things your nanny won't tell & Nanny Cam won't show

Okay so you hired a good nanny. But since you are the boss, there may be certain things your nanny won't find comfortable discussing with you, even if she really wants to. Similarly, if you have installed a nanny cam, there may be a lot happening inside those walls that the camera couldn't really spy. Like what? Read our article on 7 things your Nanny won't tell and your Nanny Cam won't show you!

6. Communicate with her.

Just like we want the newborn nanny to treat our baby in the best possible manner, we should be nice and sympathetic towards her needs as well. If possible, have a little chit-chat with her every now and then. Accommodate if she has to take a day off or leave early; but make sure she does not make a habit out of it. Treat her like you want your boss to treat you at work. A frustrated nanny can take it out on your baby. So, be nice to the helper. She will reciprocate by being extra nice with your little one.

Let's conclude...

The bottom line is, your newborn nanny can be really nice or real nasty; and nothing is more important than your baby. So keep an eye on your nanny from time to time, even when you do not feel any negative vibes from her. I don't want to scare you but sometimes it is calm before the storm. After all, it’s all about the love and safety of our baby. If you are having second thoughts about your current newborn nanny, go with your motherly instincts. They work. They really do!

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