Your Baby's Developmental Milestones
7 Things to Never Forget

Is your baby achieving the right developmental milestones as per his/her age? 

Baby development and growth has always been one of the major concerns of a new parent, specially for moms who worry too much about their little one's weight/height gain. For them, every millimeter and milligram counts! And that's natural. We are moms - we are "programmed" this way.

1. Babies don't come with a calendar.

When our baby is born, most of us compare the little one's weight (and all other possible dimensions) with that of other babies born in the family or neighborhood. We then continue to do so for all the important baby milestones such as starting on solids, teething, potty training, sleeping routine, crawling and walking, etc. But babies don't come with a calendar. We need to understand this. Each baby meets his developmental milestones at his own pace. If there is anything to worry about, your doctor will point it out, or you can convey your concerns to your doctor in your next scheduled appointment.

Here we will help you keep track of your newborn's growth and developmental stages, informing you what your newborn baby will do next...till he blows his first birthday candle. Exciting, isn't it?

Let's get started with your newborn milestones...

Developmental Milestones: Week by Week

Week 1          Week 2          Week 3          Week 4          Week 5          Week 6

Week 7          Week 8          Week 9          Week 10         Week11         Week 12

Week 13         Week 14        Week 15       Week 16         Week17         Week 18

Week 19         Week 20        Week 21       Week 22         Week 23        Week 24

Week 25         Week 26        Week 27       Week 28         Week 29        Week 30

Week 31         Week 32        Week 33       Week 34         Week 35        Week 36

Week 37         Week 38        Week 39       Week 40         Week 41        Week 42

Week 43         Week 44        Week 45       Week 46         Week 47        Week 48

2. Premature babies develop at a different pace.

If you are a proud parent of a preterm baby (also referred to as a preemie or a premature baby), you must be told that since your baby has arrived early, there are some additional milestones he/she has to achieve. We have a full section dedicated to Preemie development.

3. Encourage but accept!

It is no secret that every baby grows and develops at his/her own pace. Every parent knows this, right? But only few understand and accept this. It is important to encourage your baby to achieve different developmental milestones, but at the same time, it is more important to respect the fact that each baby is different from the other, even if we are talking about multiple births (twins or triplets) or siblings.

4. What should be my baby's ideal weight?

As your baby gets older, there needs to be a ratio for the weight gain. If your child is slightly below or above the range but is active, there is nothing to worry about. There is no mom on earth who is completely satisfied with her baby's weight. We tend to over-stuff our babies just to make sure they don't remotely feel hungry, and then we stuff them some more, and still believe our baby hasn't had enough. Check out your baby's Ideal Weight Chart here...

5. Misconceptions:

One of the misconceptions most mothers (of lean babies) have is that giving their baby a thicker doze of formula milk will make the baby gain weight or sleep for a longer time. Wrong! It may only lead to severe constipation, painful gasses, vomiting, diarrhea, and a seriously disturbed digestive system.

6. The Vitamin K Controversy:

If you have been hearing a lot about the merits and demerits of having a Vitamin K shot for your baby at birth time, we are here to help. Find out all the relevant information by clicking here - it's comprehensive and a must read for all new parents and parents-to-be.

7. Don't forget the Vaccinations:

I would have loved to give you a vaccination chart here, but every country has different vaccination requirements due to the prevailing medical threats in that part of the world. For this reason, you may find some vaccinations termed as very important in few countries while others won't even bother listing them. At the time of birth, your doctor may have given you a vaccination chart. Follow it religiously. 

Whether your baby achieves his developmental milestones quickly or slowly, enjoy each day as it comes, 'cuz these little ones grow up real fast, and these days sure aren't coming back! 

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New! Comments

Have something to say about what you just read? Leave me a comment in the box below :)