Baby Teething:
Symptoms & Home Remedies

Is your baby teething? Your baby's teething pain and sleep issues go hand in hand. How can one sleep with a painful gum? If you ever experienced having a tooth issue, you may understand how your little one is going through. Your sleeping baby may wake up from time to time due to the severity in pain, but the question is, how can you help?

Those tiny teeth may seem like the cutest pearls on the planet, but your baby paid a price to get them. As simple as it may sound, it is a true fact that teething hurts!

Teething Symptoms:

If your little one drools like an open tap, gets up at night and cries a lot while trying to chew his hand, his blanket or anything that’s in front of him, he may be suffering from severe gum pain. This is quite normal at this age and every baby has to go through it.

Home Remedies for your baby's teething:

A cold spoon: Put a spoon in the freezer for a while and then gently massage this spoon over the delicate gums – this helps tremendously in soothing crying babies.

Baby-teethers: Many mothers prefer teethers to stop baby crying, and to give him something to transfer his teething pain onto. Teethers are colorful teething objects generally filled with a jelly-like semi-liquid. Many mothers and doctors, however, feel that teethers are not good for dental health. Prolong use of anything can be harmful, so if your baby feels relaxed for a while chewing on teethers, you can definitely give them a try. Putting the teether in fridge or freezer prior to giving it to your baby may be more soothing than a teether at room temperature.

A little pressure may help: Using your clean finger, gently rub his little gums. You may hear some squeaking and your baby may end up not only feeling relieved due to the pressure, but may also enjoy this squeaking sound.

Numbing gel: You can easily find pain-relieving ointments and numbing gels that are specifically made to soothe baby teething. Make sure you ask your doctor before using them.

For your baby teething is a challenge. These are just a couple of months of pain and this pain will soon go away.

If your crying baby is still up and feeling restless, read our article on sleep problems your baby may have. Also, read our article on how to make the baby sleep through the night.

If you are having a very cranky baby and an extremely depressed you, or a really frustrating partner due to not getting proper sleep, and baby teething is the issue, we have just one piece of advice for you: Patience! Do not worry - this phase will pass sooner than you think. 

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