Newborn Twins

Are you confused on how to prepare for and care for newborn twins? Let's iron out some of your confusions.

Double the fun!

Multiple births can be an exciting time. From the moment you realize that you are having newborn twins, you will probably be thinking of so many more things than you were thinking about when you initially got pregnant. When twins are on their way, you think about more space, more clothes, more food, more diapers and even more names!

Plan ahead.

You cannot expect both the kids to share a thing at this stage - and even when they grow up, they would want everything of their own, separately. So you need to plan ahead. Prior to starting baby shopping, multiple your newborn baby checklist by two.

Yes, whatever you get for one twin, you probably have to also acquire for the other twin. Caring for twins is no easy task. Just as it can be very exciting to be pregnant with twins, it can also be just as overwhelming to consider how your world, as you know it, will change and it most likely will!

Even though there are so many things to consider, preparing for and caring for twins does not have to be a nightmare. This does not mean that you need all the money in the world to be able to appropriately prepare for and care for your twins, rather it implies that properly planning, seeking available resources and using great recommendations or tips, can greatly help you.

So, what do you need to care for twins? Think about a place to sleep, clothes, feeding and diapers. These are part of the basics your twins will need. For twins that are a boy and a girl, each may require different things. However, you will find many commonalities as you begin caring for your twins. Feeding methods will most likely be the same, so decide on whether you will be bottle-feeding your babies or breastfeeding them. This choice will lead to a whole new set of choices and so on. For bottle-fed babies, you would need to decide on a type of formula and the type of bottles that will be purchased. For breast-fed babies, there are choices for breast-feeding pillows, cloths, protection pads and wraps.

Twice the questions popping in your head!

You also have to think about other types of gear and furniture for your newborn twins. How will you carry your babies about? Do you want to use a stroller? How will you keep your twins safe? Where will your twins sleep? You will most likely need cribs for your twins and car seats. When buying strollers, you can consider products that are specifically meant for twins. You may also want to buy furniture that matches the sexes of the twins. There are a variety of choices for both boys and girls and you can have fun as you make your choices.

Cost reduction strategies:

There could be a significant impact on your budget when you are caring for twins. However, you can be smart and save costs where possible. To adequately care for your twins, planning for purchases is also beneficial. It may be better for you to make certain bulk purchases which can fetch you great discounts.

For example, buying diapers and baby wipes in larger amounts can save you both time and money. You can always make baby wipes at home by following this super-easy recipe. If you are bottle feeding, you babies will need lots of baby formula and you can also grab great deals on these types of purchases as the deals become available. Even as your babies become older and move into a different eating phase such as solids, you can also save by continuing to purchase certain items in bulk and at a discount.

Welcome all the help you can get.

Think carefully about the things that you absolutely need and focus on those items. Accept help from friends and family are your bundles of joy make their way into the world. Raising twins is a joyful time and with great preparation, you will be on your way to having an experience of a lifetime.

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