Help: I am Having Triplets!

If you are pregnant and expecting triplets, congratulations! It can be a time of joy and great celebration. It can also be a time of anxiety as you begin to consider what lies ahead for you, your babies and your family.

Perhaps it’s not you but a friend or family member who is having multiples. Whatever the case, you can learn about multiple births and what you can do to ensure that you are prepared for the babies and the exciting world ahead!

Think in Threes

Having a newborn, even one baby, is not a small event. It is a major occurrence and a life-changing one that will continue to affect you and your family. When you are expecting three, you need to think in threes.

If these will be your first children, it can be quite overwhelming because the scope of your baby planning probably just got enlarged, especially if you were not expecting that more than one child would show up on the ultrasound screen when you went in for your prenatal check-up. There is also the chance that you expected twins but never in your wildest dreams did you expect your doctor to say with a mischievous grin, “Well, I see an additional baby in your forecast too”.

If you are expecting multiple births, the best you can do is to prepare for them as best as you can. There will be an impact to your abilities as your pregnancy delivery date draws near. Carrying one child in the womb can be an exhausting experience for some women. Hence, being ready to give birth to three babies at the same time is certainly no joke. Women who are pregnant with multiples need even more rest and care. This does not mean that the care and support needed for women who are pregnant with triplets is three time the care needed for a woman who is having only one baby. However, you can imagine the added load that pregnancies involving multiple births can present.

Take more rest

For this reason, women who are expecting multiples are advised to take very special care and get sufficient rest. The babies in the womb are probably depending entirely on the person who is carrying them to make great decisions regarding their sustenance and ability to bring them to the birth phase in a healthy manner. Due to the impacts of multiple pregnancies, bed rest may be prescribed for the pregnant woman, especially as the delivery date approaches. With multiple births, there may also be an increased chance for Caesarian births due to the fact that the space within the womb is being shared by three babies and there is not much wriggle room for your babies to descend effortlessly into the birthing canal.

Hence, to avoid risk of injury to your babies and to also prevent more dire circumstances such as the death or loss of one or more of the trio, care will be taken by your doctor and medical team to ascertain the best way to deliver your babies. Apart from care and rest during your pregnancy, you may also sense an impact on your budget when you are expecting triplet.

Don't hesitate to seek help

Do your best not to despair but use any opportunity you can to seek help from friends, family and other resources that may be available in your community. Sometimes, if people do not realize that you need help, you will not receive help from them. Hence, do not be afraid to ask for help as your triplets arrive and know that such help can support you in different ways including financially, physically and emotionally. Enjoy the excitement of having three bundles of cuddly-wuddlies and be hopeful of great times ahead.

Remember, raising triplets means tripling the joy!

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