Baby Baths:
Filling Bath Tub With Love And Giggles

Baby baths are so under-rated!

As your new bundle of joy enters your life and you hold the newborn for the first time, it is possible that you are somewhat overwhelmed but also very excited. Babies cry, laugh, smile and do so many other things that you may or may not be prepared for. Soon, you will build up confidence as you begin to care for and participate in many activities with your baby. An important activity to engage in with you baby is the baby bath.

Baby bathtimes do not have to be dreadful occasions that fill you with trepidation as the time for this activity approaches. It can be a time of pure joy and giggles. It can be a time to introduce your baby to the gentle feel of the sponge and a time to bond in a way that many people cannot even imagine possible. Some people may feel that giving a baby bath is just the same as any other baby-related activity such as feeding the baby or putting clothes on him. However, bathtime can be a time of playfulness and much more than only trying to get the baby clean.

There is a difference between bathtime and other activities that occur with your baby. Of course, there are many bonding and enjoyable opportunities in other activities that involve your newborn. However, because baby baths can linger for a while, there is a great opportunity to make the time even more memorable and enjoyable. So, bring on the joy and giggles! You can gradually get rid of any tears of fear and discomfort that your baby may have by making a conscious effort to make bathing your newborn baby a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

An important point to note about dreadful experiences, whether at bath time or otherwise, is that such experiences can get worse if not properly managed. Hence, if your baby begins to dread the sound of bath water running or the sight of a sponge approaching, the dread and fear can multiply and also create a frustrating experience for you. To prepare for an enjoyable bath period with your baby, first understand that it is possible. It is also a gradual process and sometimes newborns need time to adjust or understand that this can be a really great experience for them too.

So, what can you do to enhance the happiness, joy and giggles that your newborn could derive from being sponged down and squeaky clean? A good step to note involves adequate preparation for the bath. Ensure that bath supplies are nearby and conveniently within reach. Bath supplies or necessities that prompt you to become physically separated from your baby during his bath time can give rise to serious safety risks. Under no circumstances should the baby be left alone.Apart from severe safety and health risks, babies can become anxious or fearful if the comforting presence of their parent or caretaker is suddenly removed.

With all the necessary supplies in place such as a towel, water, tub, shampoo and soap, check to make sure that these items are in a state that is optimal to the comfort of the baby. For example, water should not be hot or cold. Warm water is  ideal when it comes to bathing a newborn.

Other examples include ensuring that the baby’s towel is not too cold, the temperature of the room is nice and warm, the soap or shampoo is appropriate for the newborn and the bath-tub or bath area is not tight or uncomfortable. Depending on the baby and what he or she enjoys, you can also include a favorite toy or song in the baby baths' routine. Make it a fun and enjoyable occasion for both you and your newborn.

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