7 Things Your Nanny Cam or Nanny Won't Tell You

Having a newborn nanny may be of enormous help and having installed a nanny cam may be of great relief; but you may notice that there are some stuff that your nanny is not sharing and your nanny camera is not spying.

There are possibly over a millions things a nanny can keep from an employer. Well, maybe not really over a million things. However, here are 7 things that your nanny probably will not be ready to let you know, and your nanny-cam is not showing you. (We pestered and persuaded some nannies to pour them out!)

1. Your child/ children are difficult to take care of.

This is any nanny’s worst nightmare. Nannies are not expected to take care of a perfect baby, but some amount of civility from your children is expected by nannies when you hand over your kids for care. A nanny cam may not necessarily capture the immense frustration a nanny has to go through to deal with spoilt children. No matter how much parenting help nannies offer, they do not expect that they should be the ones creating the discipline and possible structure for your older child.

2. Your house is extremely messy!

This can be any nanny’s second worst nightmare especially if the nanny’s home is immaculate or if they are accustomed to working in a clean space. If you are too busy to tidy or hire someone to tidy, your nanny will dread being in your home. There are nannies that may quit just because your home is not a conducive and pleasant environment to be in.

3. Your children crave your attention.

Do you notice a constant crying or an extremely silent baby on the nanny cam? Nannies can feel the gap between a baby and his parents - they may feel it but may not necessarily fill it. And they really cannot. If your baby misses you a lot, your nanny may not let you know this for many reasons. Keep in mind she is there for your help. You can expect her to counsel your child but she cannot do anything if your baby continues to crave for your attention.

4. You are a lousy employer.

No, your nanny will definitely not tell you this unless she has just quit and is very near an exit! You may be considered a lousy employer because you do not pay well, provide no benefits such as time off for vacations and emergencies, etc. To make things worse, nannies can spread the news about their opinion of you as an employer. Some nannies can be really mean! Read our article to find out if your nanny is nice or nasty.

5. There may be something wrong or not quite right with your child.

No person likes to be the bearer of bad news. Since your nanny or caregiver spends a lot of time with your newborn or other children, she may notice traits, instances or episodes that are somewhat different from traits in other children. But since you never noticed them at the first place, you won't notice them via a nanny cam. And chances are that your nanny will never let you know those as no parent likes it when someone questions the physical or mental capabilities of their child.

Do check out our Health and Care sections for all the help you need.

6. The nanny needs a pay-raise.

Nannies usually will not approach you regarding a pay raise, especially if they have worked for you for a long time. In most cases, they may decide to suffer in silence until they can find a better paying job. Most of the time, there is fear that a request for increased pay may get them terminated from their current position.

7. Nannies are not maids.

Sometimes employers operate under a blurred vision about what their newborn nannies should and should not do. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, employers try to make nannies do other things that do not relate to caring for a child.

Bonus point: Your nanny may know about the hidden Nanny Cam

Although security cameras and nanny cams are often installed in places where a person least expects them, yet many times the nanny gets an idea about the presence of a camera. Many caregivers get offended due to such devices as they feel their employer doesn't trust them enough. Others pretend they don't know about the nanny cams.

Do not rely on secret nanny cameras; observe your nanny's and child's behavior from time to time to know that everything is okay. By being sympathetic towards your nanny's needs, you are not only helping her, but indirectly you are helping yourself and your family.

The writer has an extensive experience with part-time and full-time nannies, and as we read this article, a full-time nanny is currently looking after her two kids.

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