by Avani

My 4 months daughter is vomiting nowadays. Even after finishing up her milk and getting burped, she still often feels uncomfortable and vomits. Earlier, sometimes I used to not burp her and she was fine, no vomittings. But now I am totally confused.

Instead of large milk portions, I give her 2 oz milk every hour (I bottle feed her) and am very scared why she still vomits.

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May 05, 2018

by: Tahira

Dear Avani,

Please go through my article on baby vomiting ? Your baby could be vomiting out milk due to many reasons, some of them could be:

1) Feeding some milk (2oz in your case) every hour will confuse the tiny tummy (which is already slightly upset). Similarly large portions are not good either. But most importantly, make sure the bottle you are using has the right quantity of milk flow coming out of it. Too fast milk (a bigger hole in the nipple of the bottle, or too many small holes) can cause milk to come out quickly and may cause your baby to gulp milk down at a much faster pace, causing air bubbles to go in the tummy and hence vomiting the whole thing out after a while.

Similarly, if s/he is drinking milk from a teat that has very few holes or too little for his/her age, your baby will need to suck with a greater force, hence the milk flow inside his/her tummy won't be smooth and eventually the milk will be out! (sigh!)

2) Are you using boiled water to make the bottle milk? Even if you are purchasing mineral water to make the milk, make sure the water is nicely boiled for 5 minutes and then cooled off before making the milk.

3) Are the milk bottles, nipples, pacifiers and toys (the ones s/he puts in his/her mouth often such as teethers) ?

4) Are you trying to start solids too early? 4 months is not the right age to start solids but some parents (specially mums) are too impatient to start solids. Remember his/her tummy is still adjusting so a tiny spoon of soft rice may not be taken well by him.

5)Try changing the formula milk if nothing works. Also, make sure you are not making the milk too thick or too light. Follow the exact ratio that the formula pack says. Please do visit our popular
Bottle feeding section for more details.

Hope this helps : )

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