When does the baby starts noticing different voices and people?


Will the BABY notice different voices and touches? I have my own way of talking and touching My Great Nephew?

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Feb 05, 2014
by: Newborn Hub

Newborn babies can recognize their mothers immediately after birth as they can recognize the voice they have been hearing while in their mom’s belly. For other close family members, recognizing voice, face and touch may take a few weeks. One study suggests that it takes around 6 months for the baby to exactly recognize the close people that are around him/her including differentiating between their voices, faces, body smell and even the way they hold the baby.

The reason for this is that when a newborn baby is born, his/her vision is very blurry and he/she can only see things that are a foot away (which is normally the distance of a mother feeding her child). If you are not the mother but bottle-feeds the baby a lot, chances are he/she recognizes you very well and gets super-excited when you are around.

When the baby reaches 3 months, he/she is able to look directly in the eyes and even track a stuffed toy or a person that moves in front of him/her.

The hearing as well as the vision keeps on improving with time. Between his/her first and second year, your “great nephew” will have a sharper vision with each passing month. Since you did not mention the exact age of the baby, I hope the extra information helped.

Feel free to write again on any baby related stuff. Hope to see you around! : )


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