Potty training

by Mahwish

Please share when and how to start the potty training of a baby (boy)?


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Nov 14, 2014
Very helpful :)
by: Jiswant

I have printed this and am trying things, this is very to-the-point, great, thanks!

Sep 16, 2014
by: Anonymous

:)Thanks alot.

Sep 16, 2014
Potty-training your baby
by: NewbornHub.com

Your baby's potty training should ideally start any time between 18 months to 24 months of his age. However, it is quite normal for children to be ready for potty training not before they are 4 or sometimes 5 years old.

Signs your child is ready for potty training:

* He feels uncomfortable in a wet or dirty diaper.
* He can pull up or down his pants or underwear.
* He knows the words for potty and pee.
* He is old enough to stand, walk and ideally run steadily.
* He shows a special gesture when passing stool and/or urine. Some kids make faces, some bend down and some even tell if they are about to or they have already passed stool.
* He can stay dry (without peeing or passing stool) for at least 2 hours.
* He shows special interest when you go to the washroom, or when he wants to sit on the toilet seat.

HOW to Potty-train:

If your child shows most or all of the signs mentioned above, try introducing potty training by following these easy steps:

* Equipment: Get a comfortable potty-chair for him, and ideally put it in the bathroom so he knows its function.
* For boys, it is very important to teach them to pee while in a sitting position. They can learn the stand-up trick once they have mastered passing stool while sitting. This way, they won't get confused as to when they should stand and when to sit.
* After every 2 hours, make your child sit on the potty seat for 20 minutes. If he doesn't do anything, slightly praise him for trying. If he pees or does potty in it, show a special gesture like clapping, giving him a pat at the back and telling other family members about this achievement in front of him so he knows he has done the right thing at the right place!
* You can also reward him by giving him a sticker or a star whenever he passes urine or stool in the potty-seat. This will encourage him.
* Whenever you feel that your child is making that special face or giving the special gesture when he passing stool, quickly take him to the potty-seat even if he just tried it half an hour back. Look for signs.

Potty training your child may take few days or even a week or so. If after trying for few weeks you still feel your child is not following the routine, this may mean that he is not really ready yet. Don't force or scold him on thing that is beyond his control. Give him a break, ideally a month or so, and then try again.

Good luck! : )

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