My baby sleeps with her eyes open.

by Anonymous

Why do some babies sleep with their eyes open, full or partial? Not always but sometimes.

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Nov 14, 2014
The eyes only open when she's tired!
by: Anonymous

Yes Amanda, same thing for my daughter. She used to sleep with open eyes all the time and this used to freak me out ( I used to think what will people say if she cosleeps), but now as she is almost 7, she only opens her eyes (during sleep) when she had a tiring day... and I cannot thank god enough for that !! :))

Oct 23, 2014
Mine do too!
by: Amanda

My son used to sleep with both eyes open since birth and it used to scare me off. My second baby did the same. Now my older child is 8 and he sleeps with both eyes closed (thank god!) except if he had a soccer match or something and is too tired, only then the eyes open again in sleep ;))

Sep 19, 2013
The Zombie-sleep
by: NewbornHub

Some babies sleep with their eyes open (also referred to as Open-eyed sleeping) and this may be due to REM sleep (which is an active sleep cycle). Don't worry, it is a harmless act and does not mean your child has any sleeping issue.

If you are bothered by this "zombie sleep", gently stroke her eyelids with your finger and they will close. In fact, doctors believe that babies who sleep with their eyes open, partially or completely, will stop doing so once they are 12 to 18 months old - they may even stop sooner!

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