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What is so evil about baby formula feeding? 

Why do we eat and drink all sorts of crap (not to mention this crap gets converted into breastmilk that we proudly feed our baby), but the moment someone hears a mother opting for the bottle, we look at her in the most degrading, cruel manner? 

Now before some know-it-all milk-producing-mom lectures me on the heavenly advantages of breastfeeding, let me stop you right there - I've been there, and done that. And I have fed my babies the formula as well. And guess what, breastfed or bottle-fed, when they grow up, all kids are unique and smart in their own special ways. Just because a baby was breastfed doesn't mean s/he will grow up to be healthier than his formula-fed counterpart. 

Whether you are using a combination of breast and bottle, or exclusively bottle-feeding, check out these super-helpful topics. You will really need this info, trust me! 

So let me ask again: What is so evil about baby formulas? The answer is simple: Absolutely nothing.

Many mothers prefer a mix and match of both breastfeeding and bottle feeding techniques. Their reasons may differ from each other according to their circumstances. These instances may be:

For a Long Night Sleep:

Many moms breastfeed their baby during day time and at night, before putting their newborn to sleep, they prepare a bottle for him/ her. They do this because breast-milk is digested easily by the baby's body, and finishing up a milk bottle before bedtime ensures a relatively sounder sleep due to a fuller tummy. We just derived an equation here:

Happy tummy=happy mummy!

Working Moms:

Many working moms however do the opposite. They expect the infant's caregiver or nanny to go for baby formulas till they are at work, and as soon as they enter home, they may prefer to breastfeed. So to sum it up:

When the mummy is away,
the bottles come into play!

Back-to-back babies:

If you are already breastfeeding your baby and suddenly find out that you are pregnant again, your gynecologist will probably ask you to stop breastfeeding and switch to the baby formulas. So if you are going to have back-to-back newborns, make sure you have a set of formula bottles to back it up.

During Fasting:

Considering some women's religious approach, many Muslim women tend to switch to the bottle during the one month Fasting ritual of Ramadan. This is however purely optional and many women still continue to breastfeed during their fasts.

Explore numerous advantages, disadvantages and challenges of feeding from the bottle here.

Bottle Feeding newborn does not just involve a couple of bottles along with powder milk. It brings many other responsibilities, the most important one being sterilizing the baby bottle. This is one thing breastfeeding mothers would never have to worry about, unless they express their breast milk and store them in baby bottles.

Is there a special formula milk for premature newborn babies?

If your newborn is born preterm or premature, make sure you buy the formula milk that is specially available in the market for premature babies. It has some additional qualities to help in your baby's growth and development. Read more about choosing the right baby formula for preemies here.

...Dads, don't feel left out; the bottle helps you connect with your newborn!

Bottlefeeding newborns can be a lovely experience for dads to connect with their babies. Many dads feel left out during the whole process of birth and prenatal chores (and they don't have a choice), but the good news is that they can have their share of fatherhood by spending some real quality time with their newborns, and moms will love that! It's always nice to have a helping hand around, specially if it's from the better-half.

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Breastfeeding or Bottlefeeding. What is your pick?

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