Cute Baby Bibs That Make a Statement!

What is more attractive than funny and cute baby bibs?

Baby bibs are an underrated clothing item that are not just used for wiping that cute little mouth, but they often become more prominent than the actual shirt (specially when your newborn is few months old and starts to drool). The moment you notice a baby, your eyes automatically fall down at the bib. And who doesn't like cute baby bibs?

Here are our top baby bibs, in no particular order, that can surely make a guest smile. 

All moms have 'been there, done that'...

Yes, I definitely do that! I am sure my baby can relate to this bib ; )

The Super-baby!

This is an all time hit; you must have seen its variants roaming around the internet. 

LMDO - The baby version of LMAO!

If you have been chatting or using social media, you are sure to know where it originated from!

Do you have "a cute baby"?

You don't really have to be a mathematician to know the term 'acute angle'. How about this bib?

The bib that shows the little tank

BYOB = Bring Your Own Bottle!

Don't all babies love to have a party right when their parents are half asleep or desperately want to sleep? This bib says it all!

Pss... If you are having trouble with your little one's sleep routine, our Sleep section is sure to help out!

Now, who doesn't want a photo with a cutie pie?

We can surely become a millionaire if we could apply this!

Hungry, anyone?

It's just like when we tie a napkin under our necks to dive into a big feast - well, some of us do that.  : )


Your baby's bib is not just any average part of the baby dress, it covers up a significantly large portion of your baby's shirt, and hence is obvious to everyone.

Want to buy some cute baby bibs?

Never underestimate the power of funny baby bibs! Even when your baby is in the messiest state, a baby bib with a statement can make anyone fall in love with him/ her.

Amazon offers so many cute baby bibs that you can have your hand onto (or, your baby can have his neck into!). For instance, these baby bibs...

So these were my most hilarious baby bibs that definitely made a statement! Do you have one that I missed out? Share below a pic so that we could laugh and drool some more ; )

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