Constipation and gas

by Laceyy-Boo
(Bilston, Wolverhampton)

How can u help ur baby if he is constipated & has trapped wind?

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Sep 19, 2013
Baby gas & constipation solution
by: NewbornHub

For gassy baby, make your baby lie down on his/her stomach & gently stroke his back with hand movements from the back of his neck to his hips. You can do this while oil-massaging him (find the procedure here:

For details on gas and home-remedies to treat gas in babies, have a quick read:

As for Constipation:

- If s/he takes formula milk, make sure that the milk is warm enough (breastmilk is warm, by default) and is not too thick.

- If your little munchkin is 6 months or older, or the doctor has allowed you to give him water along with other liquids, then boil 1 teaspoon of Aniseed in a glass of water, cool it down to room temperature and give it to your baby from time to time. Gripe water is also recommended for this.

- If you are bottlefeeding, try a different brand of formula milk, after checking with your doctor.

- Prune or pear juice may really help. Add a little dark fruit (prune or pear) juice in your baby's formula milk.

- Give your baby a lot of water (provided he is 4-6 months old) between feeding times.

- Add a little sugar in the milk - just a little.

- Try a glycerin suppository.

Note: Many babies who are breast-fed have less bowel movements than formula-fed babies.

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