How my three weeks baby boy must breath... slow or fast? I don't understand the breathing.

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May 05, 2018

by: Tahira

As a parent of a 3 weeks' old baby, it's quite normal to worry about your baby's breathing routine. You will notice that sometimes your baby breathes quickly and deeply (often referred to as periodic breathing), then pause for 10-15 seconds by breathing slowly and then resume deep breaths.

This is quite common, more among pre-mature babies, and these breathing patterns will gradually become more uniform in the first few months of your little one's life.

Please make sure that your baby's sleeping position is alright (you can find it on our Sleep section (, and that there are no milk residues blocking his/her nose, his blanket is not covering his face or the baby is not feeling too hot.

In most cases, babies' irregular breathing habits are nothing to worry about. Hope this helps.

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