baby is not direct feeding after 1 month.

by Chetna Ritesh Sojitra
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India)

My baby's weight was very less, about 1.6 kg, when he was born. So Dr told me not to go for direct feeding. Now he is not directly fed, and I have to use Nestle pre NAN. My brestmilk is reducing. What should I do?

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Oct 21, 2015
by: James

Your baby should feed within the first hour after birth to get off to a good start. It's not necessary to time the feeds.

Oct 20, 2015
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May 22, 2015

by: NewbornHub

Dear Chetna Ritesh,

It seems you had a pre-mature baby, i.e., the baby was born earlier than the due date. Premature babies (like yours) need a special formula milk, similar to the one you are giving your baby. This formula milk has more nutrition to help your baby grow fast.

New mothers of pre-mature babies find it hard to breastfeed - and that's pretty normal. Your baby is too weak to latch-on your breasts. So till the time your baby grown enough to properly breastfeed, you will have to give a formula-milk that your doctor recommends.

However, as you mentioned, your breast-milk will keep on decreasing if it is not taken out (by your baby or by you). To solve this problem, you need to take a breast-pump (you can buy a manual breast-pump which is found easily and is quite cheap) and use it to extract milk from time to time (ideally after every 2-3 hours). At first you will notice that the milk will be just few drops, but the more you extract, the more will it be produced. You can give this extracted milk to your baby via his bottle. This milk can also be stored in fridge or freezer for use.

You can go to our Breastfeeding section to get all the help you need. We also have a Premature Baby section. Hope this helps. : )

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