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NewbornHub Newsletter, Issue #01 -- Is motherhood melting you down?
May 11, 2018


Being a mother is an unrewarding job. Sure you get some priceless pleasures in the form of those little arms wrapped around your neck, toothless smiles, soft warm hugs and drooly kisses, and when you do, you forget every hurdle you went through. But is this all that motherhood has in store for you?

Where are YOU in the big picture?

Are you raising a baby but melting down yourself?

Do you sometimes cry for no reason?

You are an individual first and a mom second. If you are not happy with your own self as a person, won't it reflect in your attitude towards your little one, in some way or the other?

This week we bring you an amazing article on Anxiety, Mood-swings, Crying for NO reason, the Postpartum Depression, and all these issues that are deep down. How they are different, which stage you could be at, and how to detect and solve it before it goes out of hand.

You don't want to miss reading it. Trust me!

Getting too serious?

Come let's laugh it out first...

You know you are a MOM when... (click here for my top 20 funny reminders) It will bring a big grin on your face, for sure! And that's the whole point :D

(The fun part is, a dad replied to it in an equally funny article, a link to which you will find at the same page.)

Coming back on this month's topic... You are a mom, a wife, a daughter and a daughter-in-law; but they are only the roles you are playing. Where are YOU in the whole picture? What are you doing for YOUR OWN SELF?

Mother's Day is coming up this week in many countries of the world. You may get breakfast in bed from your partner, or you may get a card from an older child of yours or may send one to your mum. The day will pass and next year it will come again. What makes it special then? Or maybe it's just a marketing gimmick - a day to sell flowers, cards, and chocolates?

Let's make this Mother's Day a day of resolution. Hope this Mother's Day helps you do something for your own-self, and makes you a happier and a content person for all days to follow!

Drop me a line about your thoughts on motherhood anxiety and postpartum depression. What do you do when you feel low?

When you're done, you can cast your vote in our "Anxiety Poll" and see the results.

That's all for now. See you next month...


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