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DIY Projects Your Baby'll LOVE

Nothing strengthens a parent and child bond like some DIY/art project or creative work that they do together. And if this project is for the new arrival, both parents and siblings have a bonus reason to be excited about.

This section is aimed at all the DIY projects that you can enjoy with your spouse, children or even alone as a surprise gift to your loved one. You will find these projects to be very handy, cost-effective, easy and fun to make.

Make a baby dress out of a pillowcase!

Even if you have no clue about sewing clothes, this guide is for you! It is wonderful how you can make a beautiful baby dress out of a pillowcase. Follow these simple steps to make a lovely Pillowcase Dress...

Homemade Baby Costumes

Making baby costumes at home can be very satisfying and cost-effective. Why don't you try out some of the most creative yet super-easy baby costumes for Halloween or any other costume party, and surprise yourself! Click here to go to the step-by-step guide of homemade baby costumes...

Homemade Baby Wipes

This is one of my favorites! You can only know how amazingly easy it is to make baby wipes at home by trying this one out. It saves you tons of money that you may be spending on branded baby wipes. Click here to try out this quick recipe of making baby wipes at home...

Baby Footprint Arts and Craft:

You can make a hundred memorable things using those tiny feet. 

Visit our Arts and Crafts page and start creating memories. They will leave a footmark for ever!

Recycle & Reuse: Make your own baby rattle at home!

You may have noticed that instead of going for typical newborn baby toys, your infant loves attacking vision glasses, keys, your necklace, even the TV remote. Odd things that they normally don't have access to excite them. How about creating something different for them to play with? Click here to know how to create homemade baby rattles with ZERO cost...

DIY Nursery Projects

The Do-It-Yourself Nursery Projects are by-far the most interesting ones for any new parent. You get to pick the theme, colors and furniture; and who doesn't like that!

If you want to get inspiration for different color combinations and themes for your new arrival's nursery, we have a perfect article for you. Click here to dive into some really awesome nursery themes - one of which is definitely "the one" for your little angel!

Here is one interesting and easy to make decoupage tree that will bring life to your baby's nursery. Follow the easy step-by-step guide and let the imagination flourish - create your very own decoupage tree in your child's room or nursery...

Pregnancy, Gender Reveal & Birth Announcement Ideas:

Everyone has their own creative way to break the news. Whether it's your pregnancy or gender revealing news, or newborn baby announcement - here are some awesome ways to make it impressive, memorable and BIG!

Homemade Stuffed Toys

  • Make your baby his/ her very own stuffed toy octopus - that too without the need to sew! Do give it a try (see pic below):
  • Make your baby a colorful stuffed snake - something you can make from a collection of old (or missing its pair) socks. Creative, economical and totally fun! Try it! (See the image below for help)

Make Parent and Child Memories

  • A lovely way to create memories - create your baby's butterfly artwork. Follow the steps mentioned in the pic below and have your baby's very first artwork!

Family Hand-print Tree: How about making a family hand-print tree that portrays the parent and child love that all families cherish (or they should cherish)?

  1. To start with, you will need a frame and a a poster-board. Draw a tree on the board using a pencil first (to make sure the branches are wide enough to give all the hands their proper space) and then color the tree using a brown acrylic paint.
  2. Now comes the fun part that everyone will enjoy. Paint your and your children's hands in different colors of acrylic paint, and print them on the poster-board. As acrylic paint is not toxic and can be easily washed off, your newborn baby can also take part in this.
  3. Ta-da! Your very own personalized hand-printed family tree is ready. You can write a nice little poem or quote on the poster-board to give it a more personal touch.

If you involve your other child(ren) in welcoming the new arrival (through such DIY family projects), they would welcome the new baby enthusiastically, and the parent and child bond will strengthen up. This eliminates sibling rivalry which is one of the greatest concerns of second-time parents.

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