Not Being Able to Breastfeed?

Breastfeed is bestfeed, and as corny as this rhyming may sound (hey, at least I tried), there shouldn't be any doubts about the authenticity of this statement. However (yep, there's always this "however" that takes away the total goodness from a totally good thing - am I confusing you? ;)) I was saying, however, there are some instances in which breast feeding a newborn or an older baby is not a good idea, at all.

When not to breast-feed? Check out the list of conditions in which you should NEVER breast feed your child.

When to avoid breast milk

Avoid feeding your baby with your breast milk if you are:

  • Suffering from TB (Tuberculosis) and it is still untreated.
  • Taking antiretroviral medicines.
  • Using an illegal (banned) drug or are dependent on it.
  • Going through some sort of radiation (nuclear medicine) therapies.
  • Suffering from AIDS or are HIV positive.
  • Suffering from Breast Cancer, and are going through Chemotherapy and are taking antimetabolites that interfere with body’s cell division and DNA replication.

You also need to avoid newborn breastfeeding if your baby is diagnosed with Galactosemia.

Replacement milk

If you strongly want your newborn to benefit from the natural yet magical potion called breastmilk, but are discouraged by your medical condition, there is good news for you. If you can afford, you can go to a milk-bank to get breast milk for your newborn baby. Ask your doctor about the milk bank services in  your area.

In other cases, formula milk is a good option that millions of mothers, who do not have any breast milk issues, still prefer. Click here for all the help on formula feeding (bottle-feeding).

When can you switch back?

If your doctor says that you are temporarily going through one of the above mentioned breastfeeding issues, you could just keep on pumping out some of your breast milk using a breast pump and of course throw it away so that the breasts keep on producing the milk, and once your treatment is over and you are well again (not just feeling well, but are well to breast feed - there is a huge difference), you can always resume back to the good old healthy habit of breast-feeding. However, make sure you ask your doctor first.

Mother-baby bond will still be there!

Whether you decide to get breast milk from a milk-bank or opt for formula milk, whatever you choose, do not be disheartened by the fact that you cannot breast-feed your bundle of joy. Your baby's love for you will not decrease if you do not breast-feed, nor will you have any problems connecting with your little one, so shun out this guilt. Your baby understands you well enough, and there is nothing in the world that could weaken this bond - after all, s/he is the only one who felt your heartbeats from your inside; what could be closer than this? 

So enjoy life with your baby - just like all mothers who breastfeed do!

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