Bottle Accessories for Newborn Feeding

Newborn feeding does not require you to a prepare lavish buffet; it's just a tiny belly that you need to feed after every few hours. If you are planning to use formula milk for your newborn, you may want to add the following items in your baby checklist:

  1. Feeding bottles: A minimum of 4.
  2. Bottle-cleaning brushes: You require a relatively larger cleaning brush to clean the sides of the baby bottle and a soft smaller one for the teats.
  3. Sterilizer: This may be in the form of liquid, tablets or a machine. For help and details, refer to our article on Sterilizing Baby Bottles.
  4. Infant Formula Milk: Make sure it is according to your newborn, and you keep on upgrading it according to your baby's age. A newborn requires different types of nutrition in his/ her early days, as when s/he grows, the body requirements also grow. If you have a premature baby, there are special formula milk for preemies. Also, please don’t forget to go through our Premature baby section.

Do not try to feed your baby anything before s/he turns 4-6 months old, not even water. Many parents try to introduce honey, egg whites, juice, water, etc. (these parents could be quite creative when it comes to feeding newborn babies!). Before four to six months, doctors strictly discourage any kind of food intake (that includes liquids as well).

Your newborn will soon turn into a toddler, and before you know it, you have a preschooler in your home asking you to color a picture with you. So do not jump into haste. Let your baby eat and drink according to his age. At the moment, his newborn stomach is not developed enough to digest any kind of solids or liquids, other than breast or formula milk. As time passes and he grows, the tiny tummy also develops. Till then, one word: Patience!

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