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NewbornHub Newsletter, Issue #02 -- Your Nursery Furniture Must-haves...and "not-really"s
June 15, 2018


If you think choosing the perfect couch for your living-room was hard enough, wait till you go shopping for baby-furniture!

It may sound cute and exciting (and it is, if you know what exactly to buy), but when you see a plethora of cute and cuddly stuff in nice pastel colors, you are clueless. And the prices don't do you any favor, do they? Does your baby really need a nursery that looks like a "good looking clutter of furniture"? Probably not. And your toe-nails will thank you too (is there a single person on this planet who didn't bump into a piece of furniture while rushing for something (here the calling device will be the baby)?

Check out my latest article on Baby Furniture Must-haves.

At NewbornHub, we don't want you to empty your wallet to fill your nursery with the furniture your baby don't need and won't use. Do leave me a message if you do or do not agree to my furniture shopping list.
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