Vivienne Hope Leigh and Susanna Michelle

by Liz H

I did not name my youngest. She named herself by coming to to me in my dreams. I had four dreams in three nights about the name which left me with no doubt. I woke up one night to realize my baby was telling me her first name. Keep in mind that we never found out what we were having. In my dream I was told her name was Vivienne. The first dream I was like oh that's interesting only didn't think much of it. Well about a week later I had the identical dream once again it was my baby telling me her name is Vivienne. I never had to go through all the different spellings of her name because I just knew what it was! Then you fast forward about two months. I was struggling with finding her a middle name. One night I wake up to realize I had been told in my dream her middle name was Hope Leigh. I thought to myself TWO middle names?! Nope can't do. I refuse to give this baby two middle names. Not in a million years! So I fell back asleep a half hour later only to have the same dream again...I was told by my baby her middle name was Hope Leigh. So when I woke again all doubt was erased from my mind and I just knew what her name was. I still struggled with idea of two, only I was okay with it. Later on fast forward another month I decided to find out what what her entire name means. Our last name means Little House. Her full name in meaning is Lively Hope Healer Little House. In the end she is what saved myself and her older sister who's name I had since I was fourteen. I have lived my life based on Hope. And she is definetly my little healer of Hope! If I did not have this baby I may never have realized I was in an abusive relationship and probably still be unaware what my oldest was going through at the hands of her father. This little girl allowed me to see reality and to me that is so much more important then anything else I could be doing. My baby will be two this year. She was three months old when I left her daddy. I still allow him to see the kids only he does it on my terms while I am present. I will never allow him to be completely alone with the kids. I have fought for my girls. I have been able to get him court ordered supervised visits. All thanks to one little girl! You ask if her name suits her? Well from what she has given me I am left with no doubt that it does!

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Feb 18, 2016
God Bless! NEW
by: Faisal

Very emotive narrative. Wish you and your kids all the best in life, Liz.

Feb 18, 2016
What an inspiration!
by: Newborn Hub

Wow Liz!
This is such an amazing post. I strongly believe in the beauty of dreams, and after reading this, many who didn't, must have changed their minds. The names of your girls are beautiful and deep. You are a strong and intelligent woman. Not everyone knows how to decode their dreams. You go girl!!

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